2015 Community Grant Project: City of Unley

In 2015 The Goody Patch received funding under the Unley Council Community Grants program to amend and create infrastructure that increases access by those in the community with physical restrictions and disabilities whether they are wheelchair bound, using frames or walking sticks, or pushing prams or pushchairs.

The grant has played a crucial role in providing funding that enabled these changes to be made, with a range of initiatives such as raising garden beds and the installation of a planting and growing table, both of which facilitate ease of access by those with limited mobility or with wheel chairs. Similarly, the paths in the eastern garden spaces have been widened and paved to enable great access by those with walkers, wheelchairs and prams and a number of garden beds have been given over to community planting in particular with sensory plants. Finally, a number of solid seating spaces have been created in shaded zones that further encourages community members to access and rest within these garden spaces.

The Unley Council community grant enabled these infrastructure changes to be made and has also greatly enhanced the beauty of the garden, increasing its capacity to welcome more people to share in this community space.

2014 Community Grant Project: City of Unley

Orchard   DSC_0157

In 2014 The Goody Patch received funding under the Unley Council Community Grants program to plant a fruit and nut orchard. The grant has played a crucial role in providing resources to facilitate the development of the orchard which now comprises of various stone fruits, citrus, guavas, vine fruits, a persimmon, quince, jujube and almond tree. The orchard compliments the native plantings that include fruits such as kangaroo apples.

The grant was also used to improve community gardeners’ knowledge about taking care of the orchard with workshops on pruning fruit trees, soil health and pests. Each productive tree has been assigned to a community gardener to learn about its needs and monitor its health.

The Unley Council community grant has brought visible growth in The Goody Patch at this early stage of its expansion into a combined community and school project.

Apricot Tree      IMG_0587      IMG_0576

2016 Garden Update

The Goody Patch is a unique outdoor community and learning space that is shared by students and teachers from Goodwood Primary School, their families, gardeners and the local community. The Goody Patch values community connections, diversity and the sharing of knowledge and skills. It promotes environmental sustainability through food production, organic practices and recycling. It fosters artistic expression and a vibrant and open space for people to care for and enjoy.

Come along and meet the crew at our regular Garden Gatherings from 9am-12, with a shared morning tea.

2016 Dates:

  • Sat 21 May
  • Sun 26 June
  • Sat 23 July
  • Sun 21 Aug
  • Sat 24 Sept
  • Annual OPEN DAY: Saturday 29 October 12-2pm
  • Sun 20 Nov